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Company Profile

  • May 2004 – Trade activities start with Arnica company – a shop for rent and sale of movies covering one of the Sofia districts. Arnica company has two employees including the owner, Mr Georgi Hristov.
  • September 2004 – Wholesale trade with computer accessories is launched.
  • 2005 – Two other video shops are opened. An office for accounting and legal services is founded in purpose to serve the needs of Arnica company. Later on the Accounting and Legal Office starts providing services to outside clients. In 2009 it has more than 70 clients outside the group.
  • August 2005 – Retail trade with sex items starts.
  • 2006 – The Company begins import of toweling products and opens its firts store for toweling articles.
  • 2007 – Import of food additives is launched, and in 2008 a procedure for import of medicines is started.
  • 2007 – The copmany purchases a platform for Internet commerce (e-trade know-how)
  • 2007 – Georgi Hristov establishes a Foundation with social useful activities and priorities in the field of popular sport, support and development of yough up to 28 years old and ecological projects.
  • 2008 – Investments in a courier company under franchise for the needs of the Group.
  • September 2008 – A centre for children’s entertainment and a confectionery are opened in Sofia.
  • 2009 – The Company begins import and wholesale of sex items for the territory of the whole country
  • March 2009 – Starts production of sleeping sets /bed linen/
  • September 2009 – The Company starts and develops digital agency Onboxmedia.
  • June 2010 – Start manufacture and import of food supplements and cosmetics.
  • July 2010 – Official representative of Cophasil in Bulgaria.
  • February 2011 – Purchase of a plot of land close to the town of Sandanski with investement purposes, namely developing rural tourism in Arnautski Laki area.
  • October 2011 – Internet Hipermarket "X SALE"
  • December 2011- Start manufacture of boxes and accessories for chess and backgammon
  • February 2012- an online store for Household goods is launched
  • April 2012- purchase a agricultural land near the town of Veliko Tarnovo in order to develop farm activities
  • May 2012- started work massage studio in Sofia city
  • September 2012 - starts production of wood products under the trademark "Oreshak" protected throughout the EU.
  • December 2012 - opening of a two-storey showroom near Business Park Sofia for presenting all products of the holding group.
  • May 2013 – opening a showroom in Oreshak for wood products
  • November 2013 - importer of cosmetics Joy Drops
  • Development and innovations of the companies in the Group.
  • Exclusive representation and distribution of foreign trade marks and services
  • Acquisitions or participation in perspective companies with growth potential

General Economic Information about Bulgaria

    Minimum wage for 2011: 270 BGN per month. Average wage in Bulgaria for 2010: 240 BGN per month. Highest salaries were in the field of financial services and brokerage (1417 BGN monthly). Salaries below the average in 2011: gained people working in the following economic sectors: Hotel and restaurants ( 432 BGN monthly), Administrative services (435 BGN monthly), Agriculture, forestry, hunting and fish farming (483 BGN monthly) .
    • Average wage per hour in Bulgaria – 3.10 Euro
    • Flat rate tax of 10% for personal incomes since 2008
    • Profit tax of 10 %
    • Value added tax of 20%
    • Since 1997 there is a currency board established against Euro. Currency rate: 1 Euro= 195583 BGN
    • Minimal requirements for entered capital:
    • - Entered capital for registering LTD- 2 BGN
      - Entered capital for registering JSC- 50 000 BGN
    • Average monthly expenditures for accounting services- 270 BGN
    • Some macroeconomic facts for the first quarter of 2011:
    • - GPD increase of 0.6% for the first quarter of 2011, compared to 2010.
      - Services, value added (% of GDP)- 64 %
      - Industry, value added ( % of GDP)- 30 %
      - Agriculture, value added ( % of GDP)- 5 %
    • 2.5 % economic growth in 2011 and 3% in 2012 . And 3.8% inflation expected for 2011 and 3% inflation expected for 2012.
    • In the second quarter of 2011 GDP at current prices amounts to 18 797 million BGN. In Euro terms GDP reaches to 9 614.3 million euro or 1 284.1 euro per person. According to the seasonally adjusted data, the GDP growth rate in the second quarter of 2011 is 0.3% compared to the first quarter of 2011 and 2.0% compared to the same quarter of 2010.
    • Direct foreign investments for the first quarter of 2011 amount to 35 956 million Euro. The biggest amount of foreign investments for 2011 is directed to operation with real estates, rental activities and business services.
    • Base interest rate 0.18 % (01.09.2011). The base interest rate dropped since 2010.
    • Market capitalization of listed companies (%GDP)- 15.2
    • Index of information technologies- Bulgaria is ranked 68th in the list of 138 countries in World Economic Forum Chart
    • Mobile cellular subscriptions (per 100 people)- 140 (2009). 600 000 mobile cellular subscribers own smart phones
    • Internet users (2010)- 3.5 million people. 50% of them are shopping online
    • Roads, paved (% of total roads)- 63% (2010)
    • Bulgaria has five official international airports- at Sofia, Bourgas, Varna, Plovdiv and Gorna Oryahovica.
    • The last quarter of 2010- 16-17 years old computer users in Bulgaria constitute 45.4% of the population.
Sources: BNB, Institute for Marcet Economics, World Bank Group Report, Law of Commerce, Law for the Corporate Income, Law on the Personal Income Tax


Shops for Entertainment and Free Time


Office for Accounting and Legal Services

Foundation Arnica

Import and wholesale of medicines

Digital Agency Onboxmedia

Manufacture, import and wholesale of cosmetics

Arnautski Laki

Internet Hipermarket

Store for chess and backgammon

Online store for household goods

Massage studio in Sofia city

Registration of companies

Production of souvenirs and wood products

Importer of cosmetics Joy Drops


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